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At Mitchell & Company, we’re contemporary communicators with classic experience who combine traditional, thoughtful approaches with digital age tools to best serve our clients.

Meet Debora Mitchell

I’m Debora Mitchell, the company’s leader. You may already know me. I used to go by Debbie. In embarking upon my own endeavor and my own brand, I have first-hand experience with the perils of a common name.

In the Phoenix area, there are at least six Debbie Mitchells, a couple of us in similar industries. One is a bad girl frequently on the run from the law and creditors and other things. (That’s not me.) Today, I go by the name I was born with – yes, the spelling is correct.

Outside my essential training as a reporter for The Times of Northwest Indiana and The Arizona Republic, my entire career has been in public relations, with writing at the core. I’m fortunate to “do what I love and love what I do” on behalf of clients ranging from large corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups.

The philosophy has always been to provide a higher level of public relations service and results. My passion is partnering with clients to make things happen.